Saturday, June 9, 2012

How to Save Money and Avoid Temptations

Saving money and financial management is very crucial in one's life. Money is very important in order to survive in this world but only a few people know how to manage their household budget properly. Many people have a hard time saving money even if it is for their own good.

Most of the time, you may be motivated to save money but there are times when temptations come your way and before you know it, you have already spent the amount that was supposed to be added to your savings account.

Here are some helpful tips on how you can avoid temptations and be able to save money:

1. Try hard to avoid those things that keep you from saving. If you are fond of buying shoes even if you don't really need them, try very hard to stay away from them. Keep yourself away from shoe stores so that you will not be tempted to buy one.

2. When going to grocery stores. Always bring the exact amount and bring with you a grocery list. If you have limited money in your pocket when in grocery stores, you will be forced to buy only those important things that you need. Preparing a grocery list will also help you get organized and will help you in deciding the things that need to be prioritized.

3. Go to the malls only when needed. Do not go shopping if you do not need anything important to buy. Window-shopping will only tempt you to buy the dress you saw in the boutique even if you don't really need it.

4. Do not bring with you your credit cards all the time. Having a credit card in your pocket will only tempt you to buy things that are not necessary. This will also help you lower your balances and have a good credit score.

5. You may want to save money in the bank or invest in time deposits. You will not be tempted to get money from the bank every time you need cash, if they are placed in a time deposit account.

6. You may also want to consider consulting a financial advisor. There are a lot of programs that offer these services for free. They may be able to help you and give you advice on how you can avoid temptations and save more money.


  1. Establishing a family budget may seem difficult at first but the secuirty you feel from having money for bills and other essentials as well as money in savings is worth the exchange.

  2. It’s not too difficult to earn dollars. However, it is very hard to manage money efficiently. Not many people know the best way to manage finances. This is why millions of people are getting into financial problems every year. If you don’t wish to fall into monitory problems in 2013, then make sure you follow the aforementioned 6 tips. Use these tips to keep your ‘money tree’ fresh and healthy.

    Take advantage of every opportunity that helps you save money. Use the money to repay bills and invest in various markets. If you don’t want to invest money, then use it to build your nest egg.

  3. Avoiding temptations is the most challenging things out of all budget connected details. I mean you can survive budget cuts, you can refuse stopping by at a local coffee shop to grab a cup of this amazing latte you like. But one thing is difficult to resist: sales, nights out with your best friends. I have been through this and it took me so much effort to succeed. One thing I know for sure: the better you are dedicated to budgeting the more chances for you to not only put your personal finance in order but to also set up an emergency fund. I have taught myself a discipline: not to run to local online payday loans each time I see big sales, prioritize my needs and live within means only.